The Best Time To Start Beekeeping

Many friends ask us the best time to start beekeeping. Those of us who know each other know that we never respond without leaving a question floating in the air, almost like “homework” so that you reflect and acquire your own elements to make decisions.

We have always said that the beekeeper is a “Time Manager”. By this we mean that, unlike other activities, where the producer “manufactured” stuff, in the case of beekeeping, the beekeeper is comparable to a conductor which makes things flow rhythmically and in absolute harmony.

Thus, in the same way that a conductor is not dedicated to studying Best time to startr music when the concert season, comes a beekeeper you can not / should not be to learn beekeeping when the production season is in full swing . Dedicating yourself to learning the basics of beekeeping during the time of production is a clear mistake and an obvious sign that it is coming late.

It appears here with all its clarity the obligatory question: “Start beekeeping, for whom?” Because it is clear that it is not the same to resume beekeeping having left it before the ’80 when – oh, happy times! – we did not even know what Which was the Varroa, to start right now, with all our problematic transgenics, lack of plant diversity, pollution and distancing from nature.

The determination of becoming a beekeeper today carries a great responsibility no longer enough to “have hives” as fortunately our grandparents did. Today it is necessary to know, to know, to inquire and to investigate. The bees are totally dependent on us; The degree of specialization of the beekeeper must be greater, to achieve this pact of mutual care between the bee and the beekeeper. Today we must take care of our bees more than ever, because without our help, they will die hopelessly, leaving orphans to the environment and to the producer.

It is at this moment that we repeat the question: what is the best time to start in beekeeping? Obviously the best time to start , although this sounds apparently contradictory, is the winter , where, in her living room, with the peace and tranquility of the cold season, sheltered from the weather, enjoying a comforting cup Of sweetened tea with a good honey, the future beekeeper exercises his skills as a time manager, strategist and nature lover, and reads, learns and knows seasoned beekeepers to help you solve your doubts and give you a hand during the season .

Until today you thought that beekeeping started with spring. From today you know that this is not so. Nature has different cycles, paused. The beekeeper must be an interpreter of his rhythm, a translator of the miracle of life. Take advantage of the cold days, the long nights of winter, the rainy days and invest in knowledge. Go out to the countryside on sunny winter days and know the plants, the flowers, the grounds, the signs. Seize the day. You will not have it in the season.

However, starting with swarms in the fall requires advanced handling and experience. When we talk about starting work in the field and install the first package bee or cores bees, a beginner should start always in spring . In short, what we mean is that the training and knowledge are an important part in the beekeeping practice , and it can not be acquired in the theoretical part during the growing season, mainly because as we said there is no time, and Because it does not give time to properly understand and decipher what is experienced, as well as it is not possible to find the most pertinent solutions for each moment.

And ending, above all things, feel proud of what you do: Be beekeeper is a true privilege reserved for the few.

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