Honey, Beneficial To The Skin

Honey is an ingredient with virtues recognized since the dawn of time that is again part of cosmetic treatments. It has moisturizing, nutritive, antioxidant properties … It is very simple: our skin can not live without it!

Egyptians were already using honey more than 4,000 years ago for their skin benefits. What we call apitherapy, was practiced by the Incas, the Chinese … Nowadays, products derived from the hive (propolis, royal jelly, pollen …) have become fetish ingredients of the most cutting-edge cosmetological formulas.

The advantages Of these products are: absolute bioavailability, meet the current ecological codes and their nutritional aspect meets our needs in the middle of winter … Evidently, its virtues vary according to the quality of the place of production and harvesting methods, says Catherine Flurin, founder of The Ballot Flurin brand. We talked to her about the irresistible treatments based on honey.

Honey: an unparalleled detoxifier

Among the numerous honey properties, the different studios have highlighted their cleaning ability. This living product contains natural enzymes whose function is to remove toxins from the skin, which makes them star ingredients for make-up removers and soaps. Its cleansing action is as smooth as honey. White honey is best for sensitive skin and black honey for oily skin .

Honey: extremely moisturizing

The strong moisturizing power of honey comes from a remarkable percentage of more than 10% of natural floral water. Its properties obviously depend on the place where it was harvested: the honey collected near the rivers is more active and the honey from the Pyrenees still more. Honey and body milk protects the skin from dehydration. For this reason they are very recommendable in winter, when the heating and the cold wind dry our epidermis.

Honey: protects and nourishes the skin

The skin goes crazy with honey, and it has its motives! It is composed of numerous minerals, water-soluble vitamins belonging to group B, essential for the epidermis and folic acid (B9). Thanks to the incessant activity of bees, these precious minerals are bioavailable (absorptive capacity of the epidermis). As a rule, excellent salves, ointments or honey-based creams can be made excellent for the skin.

Outstanding antioxidant virtues.

Other ingredients such as beeswax, the jelly rea l and propolis are less known than honey but equally important because they fulfill the dream to rejuvenate and restore skin radiance. Propolis, which is extracted from the holes in the hive, is an excellent stimulating production of collagen and elastin , which decrease as a result of pollution, snuff and age, of course.

Royal jelly is a kind of magic potion, a concentrate of amino acids and water that stimulates skin cell metabolism, increase immunity and also brings freshness. Any serum or cream that contains one of these elements will safely revive the cells of the epidermis. Give your skin a bath of youth to the honey, that for once gluttony is not sin!


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